A Medieval Museum

[Photo Credit: Cluny Museum, Paris, France, Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division]

Julia arrived in Paris in June of 1896, and soon decided that the Musée de Cluny was one of her favorite places. This elaborate compound was constructed in the 15th century to serve as the town house for the abbots of Cluny Abbey, located 250 miles south of Paris. It became the city’s museum of Romanesque and Gothic art in 1843. Julia wrote to Pierre and Lucy LeBrun on 6 July 1896: “Cluny I’ve an immense liking for – saw all the pictures [come] alive out of the Books, and it was one of the places thoroughly not disappointing. I went to the Director [of the museum] and got a ‘permission to draw’ card, which I expect to use this winter.”

[Julia Morgan Papers, Special Collections, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 2-D-17-10.]