Sketching at Cluny

[Photo Credit: © Traumrune / Wikimedia Commons /

Julia was always particularly fond of children. In Paris she enjoyed observing them when she visited various picturesque sites around the city, including the 5th arrondissement’s Musée de Cluny (also known as the Hôtel de Cluny, a French term meaning a palatial urban residence, rather than a hostelry). Julia wrote to Lucy and Pierre LeBrun on 4 October 1896: “Every day I try either to go and see something new and ‘take it in,’ or draw, for an hour or so, at noon – drawing usually in the garden at Cluny – there are lots of children there, and I have come to know twenty or more quite as good friends.”

[Julia Morgan Papers, Special Collections, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 2-D-17-10.]